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We match suitable EPC contractors and investors for large scale construction projects in the EMIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) region.

We are interested in projects across sectors and industries which include:

Power generation (thermal, hydro, wind, solar), transmission, distribution;

Water resources (water supply, sewage treatment, irrigation);

Industrial and Transport Infrastructure.

We are open to tailoring the procurement routes best suited to your project which includes: EPC+F/BOT/PPP models. 

We supply raw materials for all kinds of construction projects:

  1. Black Granite Stone
  2. Grey Stone
  3. Granite Stone
  4. Bricks
  5. Sand
  6. Clinker

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We supply various kinds of security paper with customised watermark for printing presses;

Non-Judicial Stamp Paper (Used for land deeds, contracts, power of attorney, bank guarantee etc.)

Cartridge Paper/Security Plain Paper

Passports/Passport Paper

Driving License

Banknote Papers

Academic Certificate Paper

Savings Bond Paper

Postal Order Paper

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We supply various kinds of security ink for printing on bank note and other security products;

Intaglio Base Ink/Finished Intaglio Ink

Offset Base Ink/Finished Offset Ink

Water Fugitive Ink

Erasable Ink

UV Fluorescent Wet Offset Ink

Black Penetrating Ink

Numbering Ink

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We supply all kinds of industrial printing and graphical machines for banks, public and private printing presses;

MICR Cheque Printing Machines

Perfect Book Binding Machine

Wire Stitching Machine

Automatic Envelope Making Machine

Folding Machine

Cutting Machine

Lathe Machine

CNC Lathe Machine

Sheet Fed Offset Machines (2 color, 4 color)

Web Printing Machines (2 color, 4 color)

Bank Note Detectors

Money Counting Machines

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We supply with the following kinds of paper for public and private clients:

Gummed Paper (Used for stickers, stamps etc.)

Offset Paper

NCR Paper

Gloss Art Paper (95 gsm to 400 gsm)


Various High Grade Packaging Paper


We are distributors of health and lifestyle products that meet international standards:


Our product portfolio for HEALTH has two categories:

Medical Consumables:

  1. Auto-destructive syringes
  2. Burette Infusion Set
  3. Saline set/Infusion set
  4. Examination Gloves
  5. Surgical Gloves
  6. Absorption Sutures
  7. Face Mask
  8. Surgical Caps
  9. Different Orthopaedic Bandages
  10. Lancets
  11. Alcohol Pads
  12. Urine bags
  13. Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes
  14. Blood Collection Needles
  15. Insulin Syringes

Medical Instruments:

  1. CT Scanners
  2. MRI Scanners
  3. CR/DR X-ray Machines
  4. Ultrasonography Machines
  5. Color Doppler
  6. Medical Refrigerators
  7. Centrifuges
  8. Bio Chemistry Analysers
  9. Haematology Analysers
  10. Nebuliser
  11. Oxygen generator/Concentrator


We are the sole distributor in Bangladesh for a range of products from Skyn.


We supply a range of products for the defence sector, which include military clothing and accessories as well as arms and ammunitions from various world renowned manufacturers. Our product portfolio will be updated shortly.